About Us

The Bizarre Assemblage is home to a culmination of all things fantastic, awe-inspiring, and just plain abnormal. Through interviews, reviews and a collection of conversational oddities, our journal captures all aspects and dark corners of the fantasy world, including Science Fiction, Meta-Fiction, Magical Realism, and Post-Modern uncertainties. We want to create a forum for discussion regarding the merits and mishaps of pieces within the various subgenres of fantasy – both in literature and other art forms – so we invite readers to add their voice to the conversation. The World is a Bizarre Place, and it is one we want to talk about, to explore, and to question. It stretches our mind beyond the limits of imagination and reality, challenging our beliefs of what is possible. If this tickles your fancy, we invite you to join us in our fantastic exchange.

Visit our growing library of exclusive author interviews and gorge yourself on heretofore untold knowledge and insights into the processes of writing and engaging audiences. Debate with literature fans about books you hate or love or love to hate as we throw into the fray our own spin on new and popular fictional works in our book reviews. Or dive into your internet-driven desires for something unique as we wrangle together interesting tidbits of news and culture we find on our own cyber conquests. We like to think of The Bizarre Assemblage as an amalgamous portal, stretching and warping and careening through time with delight.

And we dare you to step through.


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